It appears ATF’s (who have kept their part of the deal with DVSA) are having to pay, financially, for DVSA’s shortfall in testers. Most ATF’s have committed to hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of pounds of investment are finding the present environment extremely challenging. ATF’s requests for DVSA testers are being restricted resulting in their capacity to earn revenue is being reduced by as much as 40% as DVSA struggles to keep up with demand.

ATFOA – Authorised Testing Facility Operators Association

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  • Lobby government to review the pit fee as this was left out of the last consultation

Our Challenges:

Lack of Testers

ATF’s are in a challenging partnership with DVSA.

As part of the ATF contract, ATF’S have signed up to take on real estate, administration and booking liabilities that were previously the responsibility of The DVSA.  In return ATF’s receive third party payments for testing and / or benefit from efficiencies in having an on site testing facility (dependent on the business model).

It sounds an agreeable relationship, however, DVSA has an acute shortage of testers (which The ATFOA forecast as early as 2014) so ATF’s testing capacity has been considerably reduced, through no fault of their own.

The tester shortage has resulted in ATF’s, across the country, having their revenue slashed because DVSA have been unable respond to the demand for testers. ATF’s are still having to sustain their operating expenses but with a reduced revenue stream. This situation is becoming unsustainable with over 550 ATF now open.

One of the main issues is that the ATF industry testers are supplied from just one source, The DVSA. In other words, DVSA have partnered the private sector, ATF’s have delivered on their side of the bargain but DVSA have struggled to adjust to free market dynamics and supply the industry with enough testers.


The Authorised Testing Facility Operators (ATFOA) was inaugurated January 16th 2013 in a meeting held at Coombe Abbey, Coventry attended by over 50 ATF’s.

The members voted in a board of directors who set out a short, medium and long term strategy.

Since then, ATFOA has continued dialogue with industry stakeholders, including DVSA, and regularly represents our industry at Parliament by attending the APPG For Transport.

ATFOA’s annual Forums offer a great opportunity to communicate the sentiment of the industry direct to DVSA.

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ATFOA – Missed test survey – To complete every missed test

Complete this survey every time you miss a test ATFOA has been corresponding with industry stakeholders and DVSA in an effort to receive feed back to our recent proposals to help alleviate the DVSA tester shortage. We will be updating you in due course. During ATFOA’s meting with DVSA , they claimed there has been …

ATFOA Proposal to DVSA

ATFOA discussion document for the industry. We hope that you will welcome our proposal. We believe, if accepted, it will help alleviate DVSA tester shortage. We welcome any feedback. Password: atfoa1


Want to see the ATFOA Survey results? – Available to ATFOA Members.

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